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About Ethan

Ethan Azariah Fajardo
Birthday:  March 27, 2009
Birth Hospital
: St. Lukes Medical Center
: 3.064 Kg (6.11 lbs)
: 52 cms  (20.47 in)

Saint Luke's Medical Center

What does Ethan mean?

Ethan means “strong, enduring, persevering.” He has been dauntless, braving through the countless needle pricks in his body (with all the blood work/tests and IV needed to be done the past months). And his other name, Azariah, means “the Lord is my Help.”  Indeed, the Lord has been and is, Ethan’s Helper. Every single day with Ethan, is like being ushered into a threshold of His abounding grace, witnessing countless miracles of God’s strength and power being displayed in and through him.

Dad and Ethan in the playground.

Everyday, he takes at least 6 supplements and 3 medicines, aside from his milk, round the clock. Geoff and Tina opted not to give him “synthetic” vitamins and 2 other medicines, as they might have adverse side effects.

He eats solid foods like egg (3 times a day for protein), squash, potatoes, carrots, banana, papaya and other leafy vegetables.

Mom and Ethan in the park.

Despite his condition, Ethan is active and maintains a joyful spirit. He is always content just being carried in his parents' arms and happiest when Mommy and Daddy are lying beside him. He is never fussy nor cranky, even when his nappies are wet with wiwi and has poopoo. But he cries so loud when hungry and sleepy!

His favorite past time is reading picture-bible with dad and mom. His favorite toys are colorful xylophone, choo-choo train, yellow electronic ABC board, and jittering Giraffe.